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NNEP Members Get New Customers

Yep, it just happened, AGAIN - we sent a new customer to NNEP members!  John Q Public called, actually her name is Pam this time, and she was in desperate need of an embroidery professional for an order of 60 items. "Could we help her find a good embroidery business that she could work with,"…
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NNEP Preferred Vendor Madeira USA Launches Mini Snap Cone

Great news for NNEP members and embroiderers everywhere - from NNEP Preferred Vendor Madeira USA: Laconia, NH -- Madeira USA is proud to announce the production of Madeira’s newest innovation, the state-of-the-art Mini Snap Cone (MSC). When 5,500 yards of embroidery thread is too much, or when a small run calls for many colors, the 1,100 yard…
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Uber Gift for your Uber Techie

Well, this one takes the cake.  I have found the uber gift for the uber tech man in your life - These cufflinks are a wifi hot spot and sport a 2 gig USB!  Who knew??? These cufflinks could be under your tree this holiday for only $250.00.   I'm thinking James Bond/Daniel Craig should…
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All that Glitters

Bling - in the form of rhinestones and glitter - appears to be here to stay.  Many said it was a fad.  It was a trend.  It would not be the THE look for long.  And that was a few years ago at this point! I just chatted with a NNEP member and she raved…
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Embroidered Pashminas

Oh, the life I could be leading, draped in a gorgeous embroidered pashina.  Dashing off to a fancy restaurant for dinner with sophisticate friends.  Out for a night at the theater during the holidays.  Dashing off to spend a few days shopping on the Miracle Mile in dowtown Chicago. Well, yes, I suppose the reality…
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History of Golf

I have often wondered just how many golf shirts are embroidered or decorated with logos each year.  The collective number HAS to be staggering, don't you think?  So that got me to thinking about the history of golf, and wondering when sponsor logos started appearing in the golf industry - on products and on apparel.…
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NNEP Co-Founder is Inventor!

Check this out - Susan Ritchie, co-founder of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP) is signing the patent application for the Embroiderer's Helper - Susan is listed as the inventor! Then Connie notarized it, and now on to the next step it goes - how very exciting! Brent Taylor of Durkee Hoops is the…
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Stretch Headbands

Stretchy headbands are selling well in many markets at the moment.  Embroider them or bling them with names, school names, team mascots, school colors, nicknames, clubs - just about anything goes!  They are a quick, easy product to embellish and with low stitch or stone counts, you can turn good profits - that ever so…
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Innovative Product for Businesses

I just met one of the owners of a company that has an innovative product that is a business card and becomes 5 golf tees! If you have customers that are looking for a unique promotional item, I would certainly add this to your bag of product ideas! http://myteegolfproducts.com/ Watch a VIDEO where Rich explains…
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Great offer for NNEP Members from Sassi Designs

Sassi Designs, a new NNEP preferred vendor, has a great offer for NNEP members right now - 10% OFF wholesale!  We emailed the details for this special offer to current NNEP members today. This offer is good through Sept. 1, 2012. If you did not receive it, please let me know so that we can…
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