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Great offer for NNEP Members from Sassi Designs

Great offer for NNEP Members from Sassi Designs

Sassi Designs bagSassi Designs, a new NNEP preferred vendor, has a great offer for NNEP members right now - 10% OFF wholesale!  We emailed the details for this special offer to current NNEP members today. This offer is good through Sept. 1, 2012.

If you did not receive it, please let me know so that we can update the email address we use to bring these specials to your attention!

FYI - just received this email from a NNEP member, when they received the special offer email about the Sassi Design products:

This company is awesome!!! I already use them.  Top quality bags and they are way cute!!! Glad they are part of our team.  You can use me as reference for them.  Great customer service and the cutest dance bags I have ever seen." Sandra G, Gunlock & Gleue
If you would like to take advantage of special deals like this, join NNEP today!  We would love to help grow your dream business with great products, great information and great people.

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  1. I did not receive this offer, please forward to me. I have already put in two orders, with no discount.

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