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All that Glitters

All that Glitters

All that glittersBling - in the form of rhinestones and glitter - appears to be here to stay.  Many said it was a fad.  It was a trend.  It would not be the THE look for long.  And that was a few years ago at this point!

I just chatted with a NNEP member and she raved about one of our NNEP Preferred Vendors, Apex Applique Cutting.  She uses the products from Apex to make her rhinestone and glitter designs and to make very profitable decorated apparel!

Way to Go Brian and the entire team at Apex Applique Cutting - they get a sparkly 4 star rating!  We love to hear from NNEP members when they are calling to brag about a NNEP Preferred Vendor.  Remember, if you are a member of NNEP, you get a discount on their ready to apply products.

Thanks Sandra Gunlock for calling to compliment this industry supplier!



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