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Embroidered Pashminas

Embroidered Pashminas

Pashminas as embroidered giftsOh, the life I could be leading, draped in a gorgeous embroidered pashina.  Dashing off to a fancy restaurant for dinner with sophisticate friends.  Out for a night at the theater during the holidays.  Dashing off to spend a few days shopping on the Miracle Mile in dowtown Chicago.

Well, yes, I suppose the reality is that I am at home, making dinner, helping teens navigate a successful route through torturous homework assignments, the dog needs to go out and I have laundry to do.  But the life that I imagine, of me, wrapped in a gorgeous pashmina, oh, how does it appeal!

And because it has that appeal, monogrammed pashminas are an excellent choice for holiday gift giving!  They come in a wide variety of colors and there are several price points.  One size fits all.  And they take an embroidered monogram beautifully.  Low stitch count + high perceived value = excellent gift idea!

NNEP members - login in on the NNEP Members Only blog for best practices on how to hoop, stabilize, embroider and finish pashminas and for several wholesale suppliers for them.

I would use a simple monogram, not something with too many curls and swirls.  More clean and classic would be my preference, something like this perhaps:

Monogram example for pashmina


Monogrammed or personalized pashminas would make excellent holiday gifts for ladies.  They would also be an excellent choice as gifts for bridal attendants!  Here's to a profitable holiday season!



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