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Stretch Headbands

Stretch Headbands

embrdidered headbandStretchy headbands are selling well in many markets at the moment.  Embroider them or bling them with names, school names, team mascots, school colors, nicknames, clubs - just about anything goes!  They are a quick, easy product to embellish and with low stitch or stone counts, you can turn good profits - that ever so wonderful combination!

Young girls up through adults are wearing them, so think of design ideas that will span a wide range of ages, from tots to tweens to college co-eds to adults.  I have even seen some guys wearing them to hold back their long locks (I think most of them were soccer players).  These products come in a huge variety of colors, patters and styles.  And if you do well with this hair accessory, consider adding others and creating a small display for some quick cash & carry sales.

NNEP Members - check out the NNEP members only blog post here for some wholesale sources for these headbands and other hair accessories.  Log in with your email address and current NNEP membership number.

PS - Thanks Eva Meade of Modern Monogram for sending the image!

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