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46 thoughts on “Members Only

  1. Todd Leonard

    Has anyone ever looked at doing a group insurance plan? As a small business owner, one of the biggest expenses is health insurance for our family. We looked at doing group insurance for the shop, but even that is way to expensive. Wondering if anyone else has had any ideas that worked for them.

    1. Jennifer Cox

      Hi Todd, We looked into health insurance several times. Because we have members in all 50 states, we did not have enough members in each state to be able to get a national plan. You may want to check with your local, metro or state chamber of commerce to see what they offer, as they will have enough members to offer a health plan option. It is quite a challenge for every independent business owner!

  2. Kalyn Cabbil

    I am looking for a promotional vendor who can print my logo onto shoe lace wrappers that wrap around to secure a pair of shoe laces. I have searched the internet until I am crossed eyed. I cannot locate anyone who does this or even find blank lace wraps. Any help will be appreciated.


  3. Tracie Huddleston Nielson

    I am just getting into the embroidery business. I currently have a Brother 10-thread on layaway, but after looking at some used Melco machines on ebay, I’m wondering if my dollars could be better spent.

    What machines do you guys prefer? Would you go with a used machine and invest the difference in education and supplies?

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hi Tracie, Give us a call at 800-866-7396 and we can walk you through some things to think about! There is so many things to evaluate that I could not realisticly do a fair job by keyboard. :^)

  4. Chris Hutt

    Looking to purchase a couple single head embroidery machines. we do run a 4 head now. Looking for suggestions on good single head brands and one to stay away from?

      1. Krissi

        Tajima is a great machine. I have had a NEO for 15 years now and I love it. It is a work horse, however, keep in mind their customer service and machine maintenance help is VERY POOR! It is very expensive to have a tech come repair or help maintain the machines. For the money and the Customer Service, I would recommend Pantograms!

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hi there Ann Ford, We update listings every 2-3 days. I am not seeing a listing that we can associate with your membership at this time? I will give you a call to see if we can figure out where it is hiding!

  5. Sandi

    The link to my website is not working on the directory page. The website is up and running. I think it’s a problem on your side. Will you please check this? Thank you.

  6. Cynthia Gibson

    I had a customer search for my information and it showed no results. I had tried throughout the past year and nothing would come up for me. I figured because I was the professional. Can you check if I have everything setup. I would hate to think I have been missing this tool this past year.


    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hey there Cynthia, We do not create a listing for you automatically (many members that are working out of their homes would be very unhappy if we listed their address without their consent, as I am sure you can imagine!). In your NNEP manual there is a page that walks you through the process to create and edit your company listing. You can edit it at any time. We monitor the listings about every other day, as any edits made put the listing off the public system until it is approved on this end. That is the only way to keep the directory from being overrun by spam and robots! If you have any questions as you create or edit your listing, please give us a call at 800-866-7396 and we will walk through it with you.

  7. Arnette Poore

    Do anyone have the Avance 1501 C embroidery Machine in the Canton, Akron or Massillon area I need some assistance in using this machine/ hands on.
    On help from anyone new start up company.

  8. Linda Pope

    Hello Jennifer. I signed up for the FedEx rewards through NNEP. I mailed a package out last week and was charged $18.70 for the mailing. Just yesterday, I received a .94 cent credit. That is a far cry from the 15% for ground service. What’s up with this discount? Thanks!

  9. Kathy

    Anybody know where I can get youth sizes in Majestic style 7270 jacket? I am checking to see if I can set up an account direct, but haven’t heard yet.

  10. Debbie Boling

    We just joined a couple days ago and not sure how to use the web page. I am looking for a variety of items to embroider. Boots, rain jackets, and a variety of items that will help boost my business and stand out from others. I would appreciate your help.
    Debbie Boling

  11. Dorothy Kirk

    Good morning,
    I have a customer that is looking for a moisture wicking material, snag proof golf shirt. Also they would like it to be red, white and blue. Can you think of anyone that carries this type of shirt?
    Thank you,

  12. Dorothy Kirk

    I’m looking for ladies sweatshirts that have a different color than the sweatshirt around the collar.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Michele, When we tested it and tried logging in using your login info, we were able to access the Members Only page. I will email you the login credentials again, to make sure you have the current info. When you try to log in again, give us a call if you cannot get it and we can trouble shoot it together!

  13. Kalyn Cabbil

    I am having difficulty logging into the members only site. I used the password given to me by email as well as my member I.D. number and still could not log on.

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hey Kalyn, we refreshed your record, and we were able to log in using your credentials. Give us a call when you want to try logging in again, so we can see what happens if things get stuck again!

      1. Kalyn Cabbil

        Hi Jennifer,

        This is the second time I have logged into the Web Site I mostly been socializing on the FB page. But everything looks great. I am still in the planning phase, a lot to get done before my simple hobby (frog) can turn into a business (princess). I am so happy be with a great group, it’s not so scary anymore.

  14. Katherine Schomp

    I have tried unsuccessfully to acquire a vendor contract for the Columbus show following all the prompts. I still can not find the contract. Please help me!

  15. Patricia

    Sorry I was not able to log in to the Member Site. I would like a membership list to use for marketing to member embroiderers. Thought I might be able to get from this site. 330 730 7822

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