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Your "other" job - being a model?!?

Your "other" job - being a model?!?

Modeling is your second job

I bet that you did not know that you have a second job - that of being a model?!? Yep - it is true, even more so for us than for most business owners, since we sell decorated apparel and products!

When you decided to become a business owner, you became your company's most (and maybe only) recognizable face and personality. People relate to YOU. People want to connect with YOU. People want to feel like they know YOU.

Here is my challenge for you, should you choose to accept it - Get COMFORTABLE taking "selfies."

Step 1: Take enough selfies to learn what poses you like, what expressions you like, what backgrounds you like.

Step 2: Any and every time you are feeling even the slightest bit confident or feel that you are "put together" well enough, take a selfie, and use it in your social media for your business or on your website.

Step 3: Save these selfie photos in an album or tag them so that you can find them again easily.

Step 4: Rinse and repeat, at least once a week. Have fun with it. Wear a customers' new shirt in some. Make a silly face in one. Pop a hat you just ran on your head and snap it! Stand by the machine in one. Be threading the machine in one. Snip threads and snap a selfie. Show all the different steps of the apparel decoration process, and include yourself in the photos! Peek out around a box, or around a mountain of boxes. Better yet, stand in a box and take the selfie! Ask your UPS driver to get in a selfie with you. And the mail person. You get the idea - there are endless possibilities!

Photographs of people have a secret power. Pictures of you make people feel like they know you. Think about it - have you ever met a celebrity? I have not, yet I have the feeling that I "know" them, or know something about them, simply from being exposed to images of them in the media, in movies, in magazines, on television, etc.

When you include yourself in these photos, you make people comfortable with you. You make yourself much more memorable than the other apparel decorator in town who only ever posts images of their orders, and never of themselves.

Get over yourself and hop on the Selfie bus - it is a good move for your business!

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