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At NNEP, we love everything we do. However, a certain elevated degree of excitement always surrounds our industry and embroidery trade shows and conferences, where you get to interact and connect in person – with other apparel decorators, embroidery business owners, and with industry suppliers. BUT... Thanks to this pandemic, none of that is possible...  :^( Come hang out with NNEP and some of the industry's best industry suppliers at our virtual trade show, the Apparel Decoration Summit!

September 15-17, 2020 from the comfort of your own home!

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If you are interested in exhibiting in one of the NNEP's virtual events (selling your products/services TO embroidery and apparel decoration business owners, the attendees) click the below button to get the current information:  

NNEP's Embroidery Mart trade shows are CANCELED for the time being due to the pandemic.

Contact NNEP at Mart@nnep.com or give us a call at 800-866-7396 if you have questions about the NNEP trade shows.

Listen to Jennifer Cox being interviewed about Embroidery Mart on 2 Regular Guys Podcast


Here is a quote from an attendee of Jennifer’s class at Embroidery Mart in Nashville: Dear Jennifer: I just want to drop you a line thanking you for all of your hard work and efforts going into the NNEP show in Nashville last weekend. I enjoyed the classes they were spot on for what is needed to succeed in today’s competitive market. When I was at your Saturday class, you changed my way of thinking. Although I have a multihead shop with a 6 head and single head, I am always thinking that I am too small to go after the big fish. When you mentioned how you got started with the GM account, it clicked. Now I am thinking why not. What an epiphany– it was one of those light bulb moments. Thank you for helping me break through the wall of small time thinking… I really enjoyed your class. Thanks again, Susan Frost CQA, CQE Owner, BBG LLC
WHO should attend Embroidery Mart? Embroidery and apparel decoration business owners will benefit. This embroidery trade show provides immediately applicable industry-specific knowledge to help you improve your profits, production workflow and digitizing abilities.


Create a Pricing Structure

Be able to create a pricing structure so that you no longer have to guess to set your prices, and you will know what your target profit levels are and how to reach them.

Hoop Challenging Products

Be able to hoop challenging products such as shoes, leashes, karate belts, purses, leather, boots and pant legs with confidence.

Take Care of Equipment

Be able to take care of your embroidery equipment so that it continues to create top-quality embroidery and run as a well-cared for machine.

Create Efficient Designs

Be able to create embroidery designs that sew efficiently in a production setting with the minimum number of stitches, color changes and thread breaks without compromising the quality of the resulting embroidery.

Create Small Crisp Lettering

Be able to create small lettering that looks crisp and sews without issues.

Know Stabilizers

Be able to know what stabilizers to use on the many different types of fabrics to control puckering, ripples and bad registration.

Participate in NNEP’s Professional Development Program at all Embroidery Mart embroidery trade shows.


NEW – Embroidery Industry Calendar established!

We are creating an industry-wide event calendar, as there are so many opportunities to get more information to help you start, build and grow your business. We hear from apparel decorators every week who are looking for the closest or the next upcoming industry event. If you offer any kind of industry training or events, such as trade shows, conferences, webinars and live training events, please submit the information about your event using the blue button below. NNEP determines which events are appropriate to be included on this industry calendar.

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