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NNEP Members Get New Customers

NNEP Members Get New Customers

Can you guess?

Yep, it just happened, AGAIN - we sent a new customer to NNEP members!  John Q Public called, actually her name is Pam this time, and she was in desperate need of an embroidery professional for an order of 60 items.

"Could we help her find a good embroidery business that she could work with," she asked.

You bet we can!  We sent an alert out to all NNEP members via the NNEP Exchange.  We invited the NNEP members that were interested to follow up with Pamela, based on the details of this particular order.  Talk about a win-win situation!  Pamela needed some specific help, and we matched her up with NNEP members that have the right talent, the right equipment and the ability to meet her time frame.

I just love it when it comes together like that, where we can connect people with need to NNEP members with the right capabilities.

Can you guess what the product shown above is?  Enter your guess in the comments below!


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