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The following guide answers many of the questions you may have regarding the National Network of Embroidery Professionals, aka NNEP. If you desire to speak to us in person (we’re really nice and helpful) please note the following contact information:



Office Hours – Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM EST (unless the entire staff is at or hosting an industry event)




Q: When is my membership up for renewal?


A membership in NNEP is effective for 365 days, no matter when you join. Your renewal occurs 365 days after the day you join, not at the beginning of  the year. If you renew with a 2 year membership, it would come up for renewal in 730 days. 

Q: What do I get as a member?


NNEP members qualify for discounts with over 40 industry suppliers as well as unlimited one and one industry-specific consulting from industry experts Jennifer Cox, Susan Ritchie and the entire NNEP staff. Three of the other most valued member benefits include the Product Locator service, where we help you find the things your customers want, the Members Only Forum called NNEP Exchange, where you can connect with hundreds of other business owners in a private community to talk “shop,” get ideas, learn and get help 24/7 and finally, free admittance to the NNEP’s embroidery trade shows, Embroidery Mart. For a full rundown of how NNEP helps you succeed, visit NNEP.com/join.

Q: How much is a membership?


NNEP membership is $245 for your FIRST year of membership. The renewal rate is only $220.

Q: What is a Preferred Vendor Partner membership?


If you are an industry supplier and you are interested in selling your products or service to NNEP members and providing them with an ongoing special offer, contact Jennifer@nnep.com for more information. The PV program is by invitation only.


Do I have to be a member to attend NNEP’s Embroidery Mart embroidery trade shows?


No, everyone involved in or interested the apparel and product decoration industries is welcome to attend Embroidery Mart. Members of NNEP get to attend these trade shows for free, as it is one of the many membership benefits.


How do I get my company listed in the National Embroidery Directory?


Being listed in the National Embroidery Directory is free for members of the National Network of Embroidery Professionals. Members log in on the Members Only page to access, edit or create a listing. Listings are reviewed and approved weekly by the National Network of Embroidery Professonals.


What kinds of discounts are available to Members?


NNEP members are eligible for savings like case pricing on apparel as well as discounts on hooping aids, threads, stabilizers, stock designs, emblems, digitizing, even shipping, business insurance and credit card processing – pretty much everything you buy for your business! Members get to buy it for less, saving well more than the cost of the membership in the first few months alone. Check out the NNEP Preferred Vendors and their offers online here on the NNEP Resources page. If you have specific questions, please let us know. 

15 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Sandra Finneran


    Is the Membership Manual Section IV – Other Goodies available online? I am operating a holiday “pop up shop” and need some forms.

    Thank you, Sandi

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hey Sandi – some of them are available – they were posted in the NNEP Member forum on Facebook. Look in the FILES section of NNEP Exchange. Some we were not given permission to replicate for all, but you can create them yourself. Hope the pop up went well!

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hi Pam, a membership in NNEP covers everyone in your business! We serve people, and the membership is in the name of the company. If you have any other questions, give us a call at 800-866-7396. When you join, your membership comes up for renewal in 364 days, not at the end of the year.

  2. Ann Wright

    When does my membership run out? Do you renew on what ever CCard i gave you which I don’t even remember. Can someone call me before it runs out so I can talk to them to see which CCard I used and renew again
    thank you,
    AW The Wright Design

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hey there Brenda,
      Thanks for asking! NNEP has many Preferred Vendors that sell blanks to NNEP members at a special rate. Check out the list of our NNEP Preferred Suppliers here: http://www.nnep.com/member-savings/. If you click on the company name, it will take you to their website, if they provided it. FYI – Many of the sites require you to og in or have an account to see their wholesale pricing information.

  3. Brenda Dickerson

    Do you have to have any special license or permits to join? I am a start up business and do not have all my permits yet. Will FEIN be sufficient or do you have to have the sales tax certificate in place?


    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hi Again Brenda – You can join NNEP before you get all your wholesale paperwork in place, in fact many people do as they want all the help they can get as they create the “framework” for their new business. Many of the NNEP Preferred Vendors cannot open an account with you until you have the wholesale documentation in place, as they cannot sell to you without collecting sales tax until you have the forms they need.

      If you have specific questions, please give us a call at 800-866-7396 and we will walk you through the process if you would like!
      Have a great day,
      Jennifer Cox

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hi Janie – Welcome to NNEP. It looks like all your new membership information and embroidery manual were mailed right after you asked this question. I look forward to seeing you at Embroidery Mart in Nashville in just a few weeks! In the meantime, please do not hesitate to give us a call any time you have questions! As a member, you can call and email ANY time, and help is there.

  4. Carol Middaugh

    I was a member of NNEP for quite a while. The business name at the time was Classic Hoop & Stitch Embroidery. I changed the name and address to CM Embroidery. I am wondering if I rejoin, would I pay the 220 or the 245? Just starting back up in the business, every penny saved helped.
    Thank you
    Carol Middaugh

    1. Jennifer Cox Post author

      Hey there Carol! The answer is, “It depends!” I will give you a call and see if we can make this happen for you at the $220 rate. We are looking forward to working with you again. 🙂

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