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2018 Embroidery Industry Survey by Printwear & NNEP

How does your business compare with the national averages? Find out! Participate in this brief, 8-minute survey now. On behalf of Printwear and NNEP, I am inviting you to share your thoughts and opinions on the commercial embroidery market and your business. Your time is valuable, and we think the information gained here will be…
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Choose the Right Packaging Size and Save $!

Whether you’re shipping one package a day or hundreds, finding the right fit for your packaging can reduce costs and offer more protection for your products. Companies ― maybe even your own ― often use boxes that aren’t the right fit for the items being shipped. And to keep the item in place, they use…
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Think outside the (shoe) box

Sneakerhead (noun): a person who collects, trades, or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and replica sneakers. Sneaker collecting is a hobby often manifested by the use and collection of shoes made for particular sports, particularly basketball and skateboarding. Wikipedia Sneakerheads, meet ONEDAY! This "make your own shoe" concept may be the equivalent to…
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NNEP welcomes Condé Systems, Inc. as a Preferred Vendor

NNEP is pleased to welcome Condé Systems, Inc. as a new member of the Preferred Vendor Program. Condé Systems, Inc. is a technology developer and distributor of color printers and supplies worldwide. As a growing multi-million-dollar corporation, Condé is a premier source for printers, substrates, and consumables serving the graphic art, photography, prepress, and desktop…
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NNEP's Embroidery & Digitizing Conference is here!

I love industry events - it is so interesting, exciting, fun to see what everyone is doing, to see what they are wearing and to hear how they and their businesses are doing! And we get to do that again next week, at NNEP's Embroidery & Digitizing Conference, in Cleveland, Ohio on June 14 &…
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Fend off Fraud & Identity Theft

It is nearly impossible to imagine running a business without the Internet, yet somehow, we all did that less than 25 years ago. The world certainly has changed. Unfortunately, in many ways, some of these changes are NOT for the better. As a business owner, you have to actively protect your business online, just as…
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Recommendery - Give Back Box

If you are like me, you have clothes, shoes and accessories, even jewerly that you no longer need, wear, use or even want - but you cannot bring yourself to throw it away because it is useful, in good shape, this stuff is definitely NOT trash. This stuff piles up somewhere in our lives, in our…
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Conferences are Dead, Long Live Conferences

So many things have endured major disruptions in the past 10 years, TV, radio, print, social media, education, conferences and even Twinkies! But like Twinkies, all of these things continue on, just in new ways. Attending NNEP's Embroidery & Digitizing Conference takes time, money and effort, no question. Attending this conference for apparel decoration professionals…
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8 Tips to Mingle Successfully

Mingling well for your business, also known as Networking, can be hard. Yet for many embroidery and apparel decoration business owners, networking is one of the most effective ways to bring in business. Mingling successfully helps you to develop relationships which can open the to door to new orders from existing customers and open the…
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NNEP offers Done FOR You Marketing Solution

Have you ever wished that there was more than one of you? Felt like there is just not enough of you to go around, to get everything done? And let's face it - the fact is that if you have to get an order run or do some marketing, you are going to run the…
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