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It IS Messy, and That's OK

It IS Messy, and That's OK

Running a business is messy

I just heard from a member of NNEP who is feeling overwhelmed, even frustrated with her business at the moment. She asked,

What programs or apps would make my business run better? How can I streamline my daily procedures? I feel like I am not doing things in the most efficient manner... It works, but I know it isn’t the best. If only I had a month (or year) to get everything in order!  - Stacie B, Casual Rags

We hear this ALL THE TIME from NNEP members and apparel decoration business owners!
Here is the reality of the situation -


Believe it or not, if you had that month or even a year, things will still feel messy! That is the nature of entrepreneurship - things are constantly in motion, evolving, changing. When you then add in all the apparel, products, threads, stabilizers, designs, customers, files, etc - a certain level of chaos is unavoidable, physically and mentally, much less emotionally.


The fact that you are consistently busy is an excellent indicator that you are doing things RIGHT -


Cut yourself some slack and accept that we do not actually live in a Pinterest or Instagram world. Those worlds are fantasy and not real, even for the folks that post all those lovely photos. Get on with having fun, making messes and making money in your own unique way, in your own unique business.


If and when something bugs you enough, pause, work up a solution, and then keep moving forward!


ANY time you find yourself repeating steps or processes, if you can, STOP and figure out what you need to not keep finding yourself in that “matrix” moment.
  • Do you need more scissors, so that there is a pair every single place you use them?
  • Do you need more staplers, so there is one on the desk, one next to the phone, etc.
  • Does it take too much time to find the right design for a customer? Time to come up with a way to start naming customer files so that you can easily and quickly find what you need.
  • Hate the piles of stabilizer scraps that accumulate, yet can't bring yourself to toss the pile out? Build time in at the end of each day to sort the scraps. Pull out those pieces that are large enough to be used again, and then pitch all the rest.
Any time you catch yourself going, “UGH - not again…" Pay attention, and then take a moment to figure out what you can do to prevent it from slowing you down next time.


Only on some fantasy Pinterest board does a workspace or business look organized and pretty. Running a business is messy. Life IS messy - but oh what a life??? How lucky we are that we are doing what we enjoy, working with people we like, working a schedule that suits our life, our family. Would you really want to trade this life in for one that is neat and orderly? I would not!
Have a hack that has made your life better? We would love to hear about it! Post in the comments, or email me at Jennifer@nnep.com. We will compile them and share them in a future post.



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