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Not Flat Hooper

Not Flat Hooper

Hooper Figurine

Remember Flat Stanley? Well, NNEP has the Not Always Flat Hooper Project! Send us a photo of Hooper and we will add his travels with you to the NNEP blog website. Between all of our NNEP members, Hooper is going to be one VERY well traveled mouse!

If you do not have a Hooper, order your very own limited edition Hooper figure of the NNEP mascot for just $17, including shipping! The figurine is about 6″ tall. Or print out and color your own FLAT Hooper from the NNEP site at http://www.nnep.com/flat-hooper-bw or print and cut out the full-color version from http://www.nnep.com/flat-hooper-color.
Simply print Hooper out and take it from there!

What should you do? Take a photo of Hooper, anywhere! Maybe in front of your most recent project, your business, maybe on vacation with you, maybe sitting on your embroidery machine… Whatever strikes your fancy. :^)

Email the photo to NNEP@nnep.com and include the essential details: where was the photo taken [city, state and the location specifics if not readily apparent in the photo], and when. If anyone is with Hooper in the photo, who is it?

Email Hooper’s travel details/images to NNEP at NNEP@NNEP.com.

If you are not familiar with Flat Stanley, google it for the wiki. Be sure to scroll down for the information on the original Flat Stanley Project, it is a neat story.

Order your Hooper Collectible Figurine online here: http://www.nnep.com/HooperCollectible or mail your request to purchase a Hooper Figurine to:

NNEP-Hooper Collectible
4693 Kent Road
Kent, OH 44240

Include a check for $17 made out to the Embroidery Network Foundation.

FYI: If you want to support the Embroidery Network Foundation Do Duds campaign, any additional funds received help to pay for purchasing apparel (usually socks and undergarments) and to help cover the costs of shipping all the donated goods to women’s shelters across the US.

We started this fun little adventure when my husband received a Flat Stanley letter from our nephew while we were at the AmericasMart Gift & Home Furnishings Show
in Atlanta in January 2011.  That assignment made me think of Hooper, and what a well-traveled mouse he is. NNEP has hosted trade shows and conferences in many locations over the past 25+ years. When you realize all the locations of all the NNEP members, it becomes quite impressive… and so the Not Always Flat Hooper project began.



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