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Tackle Digital Clutter

Tackle Digital Clutter

In this digital world, it is darn near impossible to not suffer from digital overwhelm, chaos and craziness. Right now, when we are limited in where we can go and what we can do, we have an opportunity to tame the beast of our hard drives, or at least work on getting one part of in under a bit more control. There are lots of resources online to help you tackle the digital chaos so that you do not need to spend as much time looking for specific files, images, projects.

Images are my downfall - between the images that I have taken, the images I capture onscreen, and the images I receive via email, my hard drive has its work cut out!

I came across this video today. I am going to apply one or two of the things she mentions as I tackle my image and video files this week.

How to Organize Your Digital Life from Laura at IHeartPlanners.com

If you have a system, tool or resource that you use, let me know! Post it below or email me at jennifer@nnep.com. I will share it here and maybe it will help another member get part of their digital world a bit less chaotic.


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