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Top 7 Reasons to Attend an Embroidery Trade Show in 2016

Here are the top 7 reasons why YOU should attend a trade show in the embroidery and apparel decoration industry in 2016: 1. Discover what's hot and trending in the industry. The industry suppliers are often the first people to see trends as they develop, because they see what things are popping across many businesses. If…
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Embroidery Trade Shows & Industry Shows in 2016

What are you doing in 2016 to move your embroidery business forward? If you are not yet sure, I can help you with that! One of the best things you can do is attend an embroidery trade show. Even if you have been an embroidery business owner or apparel decoration professional for years, when you…
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Embroidery Mart Feedback

After every embroidery trade show, here at the NNEP, we evaluate what went well and what we need to change. As we look ahead at building the next round of Embroidery Mart trade shows, we want to be sure that we meet your needs! To that end, your feedback is most appreciated. We would really appreciate…
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Embroidery Mart Winners

Congratulations to Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE attendees Tonya Zayas, Cathy Roberts and Traci Cameron - they are all winners of a free night at the Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Nashville, compliments of NNEP! Can't wait to see everyone this week in Nashville - You CAN register at the door - just come to Music City Center Hall A2 -…
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NNEP (or at least NNEP Stuff) is on the road to Nashville!

It is always so much fun as we hit the final week before a NNEP trade show like Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE. This morning was spent finishing up the packing and then double checking everything we need to bring to Nashville to bring Embroidery Mart to life. We then load it all on a pallet and the fun…
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Auto-Digitizing vs. Human Digitizing?

We often are asked about "auto digitizing," and just how much an embroiderer (particularly a new embroiderer) can count on their digitizing software to create their designs. We reply by saying that auto digitizing is a great starting point, a tool for basic designs - but that it simply cannot replace digitizing expertise and experience in…
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How Fun are These? NNEP Mouse Pad giveaway

We have the nicest UPS guy - his name is Jamie and he brings us fun stuff all the time. Do you like your UPS guy?  I hope so - they bring toys! What's not to like?!?! TODAY he dropped of these new NNEP mouse pads - they are so fun and happy looking!  They…
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Winners Drawn for Free Night at Embroidery Mart-COLUMBUS

We are drawing the names of the folks that won a free night at the hotel for NNEP's Embroidery Mart-COLUMBUS today! We will notify the winners by email, and then we will post that information here as well, after we contact the winners.  FUN Day! - Congratulations Jeanne FitzSimons of FitzStitch Embroidery - Congratulations Bobbi…
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How Much Are You Missing?

In an issue of Stereophile Magazine Jason Serinus offered the following story: In the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live, a man on a municipal light-rail train recently pulled out a .45-caliber pistol and shot another passenger as he was exiting the train. Although security-video footage revealed that the gun was clearly visible before…
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It's that Simple

We work with NNEP members all day long, day after day.  Our purpose - to help members of NNEP to be more profitable, to move their businesses forward, to overcome what ever is standing in the way of their success. We are often asked a question that looks boils down to this, "How do I…
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