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NNEP (or at least NNEP Stuff) is on the road to Nashville!

NNEP (or at least NNEP Stuff) is on the road to Nashville!

NNEP stuff on the way to NashvilleIt is always so much fun as we hit the final week before a NNEP trade show like Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE. This morning was spent finishing up the packing and then double checking everything we need to bring to Nashville to bring Embroidery Mart to life. We then load it all on a pallet and the fun begins - shrinkwrap time!  

It is a good thing no one sees us do this, as it must be pretty dang funny to watch us in action - round and round and round we go - and then around a LOT more! My husband used to work at UPS and he now works in another company that deals with freight all the time.  He gave me instructions on how to wrap a skid yesterday, so that all the NNEP materials arrive intact at its final destination in Nashville, still on the pallet. I think we did him proud!

Embroidery Mart-NASHVILLE pre-registration ends this Thursday, August 7.  Register now to make your check-in as efficient as possible in Nashville.  See you next week!

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