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Embroidery Trade Shows & Industry Shows in 2016

Embroidery Trade Shows & Industry Shows in 2016

Embroidery Mart trade showWhat are you doing in 2016 to move your embroidery business forward?

If you are not yet sure, I can help you with that!

One of the best things you can do is attend an embroidery trade show. Even if you have been an embroidery business owner or apparel decoration professional for years, when you attend an embroidery trade show like NNEP's Embroidery Mart in Columbus or Nashville, something magic happens.

You rub shoulders (literally in our case above) with hundreds of other people that belong to your "tribe." We understand each other in a way that no one else that is not in our industry can. We speak the same language of apparel decoration. We share the same keen interest in ideas that help us move our businesses forward. We are always moving towards the level of success we dream about in the wee hours of the night.

If you have not traveled away from your business lately to attend an industry trade show, it is time to make attending an industry show in 2016 a priority!

Here are the trade shows to put on your radar:

NNEP's Embroidery Mart Trade Shows (these are great trade shows, but then again, I am just a TAD bit biased...) - http://embroiderymart.com/
The BIG Show and NBM Shows - http://thenbmshows.com/
DAX Shows - https://www.daxshow.com/
ISS Shows - http://issshows.com

And then there are broader shows, encompassing the entire realm of promotional products (of which decorated apparel is the largest segment):

PPAI Expo - http://expo.ppai.org/
ASI Shows - http://www.asishow.com/

It is time to get out of your "silo," your comfort zone, your world, your business! Get to a show to see at what is happening in the industry. At an embroidery trade show, you will discover:

  • What new technology is available
  • What new techniques are popular and how to do them
  • What new apparel is coming through the wholesale channels
  • And so much more!

Get at least ONE SHOW on your 2016 calendar, even if you have to start saving $20 every other week beginning now to make it possible. Your customers will THANK YOU for keeping up with the best of what is happening in our industry and bringing it home to them!

If you know of other shows (regionals, rep shows, etc.) please post them below!


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  1. Emmanuella O Taiwo-Adewusi says:

    Good day to you sir/ Madam.
    I'm interested in attending one of your shows.
    How can I go about it.
    I stay in Lagos Nigeria.
    If you can send all the information of how to go about it, I would be very happy.
    I'm a small scale embroidery company owner and I would like to know more. Thanks.

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