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Auto-Digitizing vs. Human Digitizing?

Auto-Digitizing vs. Human Digitizing?

Auto-digitized tiger

We often are asked about "auto digitizing," and just how much an embroiderer (particularly a new embroiderer) can count on their digitizing software to create their designs.

We reply by saying that auto digitizing is a great starting point, a tool for basic designs - but that it simply cannot replace digitizing expertise and experience in some situations.

And just now, I saw two images that perfectly present the differences between an auto-digitized design and a design created by a qualified digitizer - the tiger design shown above is an auto-generated design. It is not bad - more than adequate for some situations and some budgets.

And then there is this tiger design:

digitized-tigerWell now, there is simply NO comparison, is there!?!?  This tiger design was created by a person using a digitizing software, not a software system all by itself (auto).

THAT is the difference between auto and human-generated digitizing.

IF you would like to learn how to create designs like the bottom one, then check out the upcoming webinar being offered by Madeira (a Preferred Vendor with NNEP) on blending, shading and color matching. It is being taught by Lee Caroselli of Balboa Threadworks. You will not find a better person to learn blending from!!! The webinar is on June 25, 2014 from 2-3 PM EST. FYI - space is limited.

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I just thought you might like to know about this opportunity to learn from one of the best digitizers in our industry!

Have a great day,

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We are working with Lee to finalize details for a special 3 day digitizing training to be offered in Nashville in August! If you would like more info, please email NNEP@nnep.com.


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