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$4-6,000 for NNEP Member!

$4-6,000 for NNEP Member!

Bankroll for NNEP MembersHow would you like the opportunity to earn $4-6,000 in a week? Well, an NNEP member is going to be able to do this! There are events all across the country that need an embroiderer - someone to come set up shop at the show throughout the event, and create custom embroidered goods for the attendees. These events contact us looking for a referral!

We just emailed another request for an embroiderer to NNEP members. In this instance, it is a long-standing event with a great track record. The embroiderer they've used in the past has a family commitment and cannot make it this year. The embroiderer earns between $4-6,000 at the event. The designs are straight forward. The customers know what they want. It is just a matter of finding someone that can come and work the event.  Presto, instant new customer base! Presto, instant income!

We receive calls and emails from individuals, companies and events on a regular and steady basis. We send these hot leads to our current NNEP members, bringing them great opportunities to grow their businesses with these leads. If you are looking for new customers, join NNEP and you will get these alerts too!

NNEP is your national professional trade association.  We serve you as your business advisor, your technical support hotline, your sourcing wizard and part of your sales team. Not bad for only $220/year! Oh, and don't let our name fool you. We serve businesses in all the different fields of apparel decoration, including screen printing, digital garment printing, heat press, and even laser engraving and awards businesses!

Check out all that NNEP offers online here or give us a call at 800-866-7396.  We'd love to serve you and yourr business this year.


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