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Love Letters are the Best!

Love Letters are the Best!

Love letters

Who can resist a good love letter?  At NNEP, we certainly cannot!  We receive love letters from our members on a regular basis.  Often, they are odes about how great a particular NNEP preferred vendor is or about a specific product.  Occasionally, it is a heartfelt thanks after helping a member make a tough decision.

Have you written a love letter lately?  Who comes to mind that is worthy of your thanks - personally and professionally. Why not send them your thanks? Send a quick note, even if it is an email, and let them know you really appreciate them and why. It only takes a few moments and it could take your relationship to a whole new level. What is there to lose?

Here's a great example of a love letter we received recently -

Just had to drop you a note to send YOU a BIG THANK-YOU!!!  For referring us to the "Hoop Master"  It saved us!!!

We were at our wits end, with embroidering a Carhartt jacket back. Jessie was most helpful explaining everything.  He got the hoop out to us immediately!  We were ready to go the next day, when the magnetic hoop arrived.

Love Love Love the Hoop.  We are using it on more items than we ever could image.

Again thank you to both of you!!

Pam, H & S

You are most welcome, Pam.  And WELL DONE Jesse and Hoopmaster!  Never underestimate the power of showing sincere appreciation - it is very likely to make someone's day.  They certainly always make our day here at NNEP.


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