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How Much Money Did I Make?

How Much Money Did I Make?

How much profit?Do you know how much you make on your orders?  This is a different amount than how much money you collected!

Check out this article in the February 2013 issue of Printwear Magazine to discover how you can KNOW what your profits are, and then what you can do to increase your profits when necessary! The article is on page 76. There is even a link to a free download in the article for a Job Profitability Worksheet that you can use to better measure and track your profitability!

Increasing your profits is possible, and much more likely when you know what your profits are in the first place. Use this knowledge to increase your profits this year!  

If you have any questions or comments about the article, post them below and I will get back to you -

Email me if you find the typo (include the misspelled word in subject line) - I will email you an my Cost-Based Pricing Worksheet!  Email me at Jennifer @ nnep.com.

My apologies to the fine folks at Printwear, I just caught the error - so sorry about that!


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