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Tag: embroidery business

It IS Messy, and That's OK

I just heard from a member of NNEP who is feeling overwhelmed, even frustrated with her business at the moment. She asked, What programs or apps would make my business run better? How can I streamline my daily procedures? I feel like I am not doing things in the most efficient manner... It works, but…
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NNEP adds Wild West Designs as Preferred Vendor

Whether you are starting an embroidery business or already have an embroidery business, starting with great digitizing is one of the keys to your success! We are always excited to introduce a new supplier to embroidery business owners, especially when they come with RAVING referrals from their current customers. NNEP welcomes Evan West and Wild West…
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NNEP + Versace? You Bet!

  Another unique opportunity for some NNEP members possibly... I just got off the phone with a lady named Shelley. She is coordinating details for some special promotions to be held in several Versace stores. I do not have the details yet. She inquired about connecting with embroidery professionals who could bring their equipment into…
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It is YOUR Future!

 "The bad news is that the past was in your hands but the good news is that the future, my friend, is also in your hands." - Andy Andrews, The Traveler's Gift So, here is the million dollar question: What are you doing TODAY, right this very moment, to craft the future YOU WANT for…
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alphabroder Acquires Ash City

  In case you have not been keeping up with the industry news as it relates to the rebranding of what used to be Alpha Shirt Company and Broder Bros, they are now known as alphabroder.  And they just acquired the brand Ash City! Check out this link in a recent issue of Printwear to…
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How To Get Things DONE!

Getting things DONE - boy is that hard! Particularly when you own an embroidery business or apparel decoration business. You are pulled in so many different directions - all the time. You have to sell yourself and your products. Maybe you also have to produce your products. And do not even get me started about…
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How Much Does Waste Cost?

How much are errors actually costing you and your business?  Read on to find out - you just might be surprised! Check out my latest article in the November, 2013 issue of Printwear or click here to read it online: Printwear, November 2013 Digital Issue. How are you attempting to control your damages, lost goods,…
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What Does YOUR Success Look Like?

What does the SUCCESS of your embroidery / apparel decoration business look like to you? At NNEP we work with so many different kinds of business owners and they each have a unique story of how they got into the business and a unique definition of their success. They are in business: Full-time Part-time For when I…
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Need a New Dance Partner?

  This has been a very interesting year for many business owners in the embroidery and apparel decoration industries. We've heard from business owners saying that by June 1 of this year, they've topped their total sales from ALL of 2012. We've also heard from business owners saying by June 1, they've done NOWHERE near…
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