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USPS is Stepping Up Their Game

USPS is Stepping Up Their Game

usps innovatesNot many would put "USPS" and "innovative" in a sentence, which is certainly unfortunate for our intrepid USPS. Personally, I find it amazing that for less than 2 quarters, NNEP can move information from here to there, any time we need to or want to.  I am a BIG fan of the USPS and the folks that make it happen.

The USPS earns the descriptor "innovator" with a mobile app they previewed at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in January, 2013.  This app could "could increase a company’s interest in sending mail again," according to Sean Ludwig, a writer for Venture Beat.

Check out his article and video for more -

USPS surprises CES with eye-popping app that brings mail to life (video)
Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/01/10/usps-augmented-reality-app/#ow7CDbbVt0VimSvD.99

NNEP is going more green and using a lot more electronic tools to connect with NNEP members.

But we do use mail to send the NNEP Embroidery Manual to new members, to promote NNEP trade shows like Embroidery Trade Show and Embroidery Mart and for many other of the functions of NNEP.

Are you reducing or increasing how much mail you send?  

Do you ever mail your customers?

Post your comments below!

If you would like NNEP to review your direct mail pieces, send me a sample and I will get back to you with any suggestions that we have!

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