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4 Tips to Maximize Linked In for Business

4 Tips to Maximize Linked In for Business


With 150+ milliion users, LinkedIn.com is now much more than “facebook for professionals.”  Actively and regularly connecting with the Linked In platform and this community of users is no longer optional. Make an appointment with yourself to use this site at least for 5-10 minute once a month, if not every other week. Adjust your settings so that you will receive any direct messages via email.

Here are some tips for getting started in LinkedIn and writing a profile that ranks well with the major search engines:

1. Claim your URL. Linked now offers personalized urls.  Go to your profile settings and claim your space on the network as http://www.linkedin.com/in/yourname. If your personal name is not available, consider options such as combinining your name and company name, your twitter name or some other unique combination that will stand the test of time.*

2. Create a Distinct and Powerful Headline.  Embroidery business owner - is that the best you can do? Try summarizing everything you do into a single, clear sentence that includes keywords for which you want to be known.  Ask yourself, “In what way can I make myself stand out from all the other embroidery business owners?”  Figure that out, and then use that in your headline.

3. Collect endorsements.  This relatively new feature of Linked In is quickly gaining significance. Ask your suppliers and your customers to endorse you in specific categories.  You are more likely to get endorsements than recommendations, since it is a one click request.  Be willing to endorse them as well.*

4. Upload.  Take a photo or video of orders and upload them to your profile.  Better yet, get a 30 second video when the customer picks up their order.  Video testimonials are incredibly powerful when your potential customers are trying to decide who to contact for their order.

* NNEP Members - Please see the NNEP member’s only blog post for more specifics about how we can dramatically enhance the impact of LinkedIn to grow our businesses.  I’ve included step by step instructions on claiming your URL and some other strategies.  Send me your LinkedIn info and I will review it.  If I have any suggestions, I will send them to you.

Want this sort of help for your business?  Join NNEP today! We’d love to help you with your dream business! http://nnep.com/join or give me a call at 800-866-7396.

If you have suggestions on how you are using LinkedIn, post them below - Let’s maximize this platform!


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