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Tissue Required

Tissue Required

Sad movie?  Nope - even worse - sad commentary on our industry!

We are excellent at making gorgeous decorated apparel, but we have the hardest time showcasing it for some reason! Merchandising your products does not have to be hard, or expensive.  I know, from experience in our embroidery business, however, that taking the time to display it well is rarely a priority!  And that is where we fall short as an industry.

Fortunately, we can steal, er…. I mean learn some great tricks from businesses that do dress or merchandise their window displays.  The next time you actually notice a product in a display – stop and figure out WHY it caught your eye.  Was it the color, size, shape, props, lighting - what?  If possible, take a quick picture of the display, so you can take the time to learn from it and then replicate it in your business.

While at The NBM Show in Philadelphia, I was out wandering towards Chinatown and noticed this window display –

Tissue tucked in shirt = good display!

Look at how SIMPLE it is!  A t-shirt with tissue paper tucked into the neck.  And that simple touch moves it from a t-shirt on a stand to an eye-catching display for literally pennies!

By the time I passed the shop on my way back to the hotel, the young man was just finishing setting up the window displays (there were 2 large displays).

2nd image of tissue display

Look at the impact created by repeating the idea throughout the entire display -

The full display
Why reinvent the wheel – good ideas that we can incorporate into our own businesses are all around us.  Start looking at displays in retail settings with your business in mind. Ask yourself, "How can I take this idea and apply it to my products, my space?"

After all, we have to sell our products to earn income, and merchandising our products visually could help your sales!  What have you got to lose?

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