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Why go to a show?

Why go to a show?

Attending a trade show - how important is it?  It is expensive - gas or airfare, hotel, meals - it adds up so quickly.  Plus the lost revenue - what you would be earning if you were at home, working in your business - how much does that set you back?

Well, I think the bigger question is this, "What will you miss?"

  • What new killer product?
  • What important contact?
  • What new supplier?
  • What potential professional connection?

When you stay with your nose buried in your own business, where, when and how do you generate any new ideas for your business, and more importantly, for your customers?  Doing the same thing month after month leads to more of the same thing, month after month.  Successful business owners have learned (often the hard way) that stepping outside of their business often leads to new business.

So, I invite you to join me at The NBM Show in Philadelphia this week, as a guest of NNEP!  Here is a free hall pass - download it and bring as many folks as you would like, for no charge.  I'll even go you one better - come join me Thursday evening for a casual conversation about what it takes to succeed and make real money in this business - again, as my guest!

Register for my session Thursday evening and join me for an Hour of Practical Embroidery Tips!

I am looking forward to seeing you in Philly!


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