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Recommendery: Google Calendar Hacks

I am a Google kinda gal - and Google calendar is definitely my friend! I would be lost without it, personally and professionally. I was TODAY old when I learned these two time-saving hacks! I hope they help you as well if you are a Google calendar user. I learned these hacks from an ebook…
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Recommendery: Video Editing Made Easy

Your customers are on social media -- sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Most of these sites (not Pinterest) LOVE videos! What kinds of videos should you post, and how do you do it, you ask? First, the WHAT... Post ANY video of any of the equipment you have in action is ideal! Embroidery…
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Recommendery: Awesome Headphones

I am always listening to something - music, podcasts, webinars, something... But having earbuds in prevents me from easily interacting with the people around me, is certainly not recommended while driving (may even be illegal in your state), and is not comfortable after a while, at least not for me because I have a funky…
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Recommendery: Feed your Brain & Grow Your Profits II

More brain food for you - books to help you expand how you think about your business, your customers, and how to get where you want to go! Here is a list of some of the books that I plan to read, or re-read, in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Pick up one of them…
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Recommendery: Feed your Brain & Grow Your Profits!

I am an addict - to business books! I read anywhere from 25-40 of these kinds of books a year, on top of the 2-3 fiction books per week that I read or listen to. Yep, I am a bookaholic, no doubt about it. Here is a list of some of the books that I…
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Recommendery - Never Run Out Again! 3/14/16

  Nothing is worse than being part way through a process, only to realize that you have run out of some key thing that you MUST have to complete the process. It does not matter if it happens at work, or if you are at home and you are making a recipe when you realize you…
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Recommendery 12/9/15 - How to Steal a Few Minutes of Peace (or Sanity!)

Life comes at us at warp speed. Sometimes, you just need a moment - to settle - to focus - to refocus - to breathe... or you just might go BONKERS! Ever feel like that? Yep, me too - not the best feeling, right? Get this nifty app (or just visit the website), Calm. Use…
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Recommendery - Stripe & Pattern Maker 11/30/15

Another NNEP Recommendery - a random collection of things that we think are pretty cool... "Recommendery" (recommendations for embroidery folks) posts are added randomly as we find stuff that is share-worthy. How many of us ONLY do one thing, machine embroidery? Hardly any of us, from my experience of working with NNEP members over the past…
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Recommendery - todoist -10/28/15

Here's another Recommendery for you... Life is complicated. Trying to remember what I wanted to grab at the store on the way home can be so annoying, and looking for the note I jotted down this morning - that is even MORE frustrating! I started using this little app todoist and now, all my notes of stuff…
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Recommendery 9/22/15

Welcome to NNEP's Recommendery - a random collection of things that we think are pretty cool... Watch for "Recommendery" (recommendations for embroidery folks) posts occasionally, they will be added randomly as we find stuff that is share-worthy. If you have something that you would like to recommend, shoot us an email at Recommendery@nnep.com and we…
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