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Recommendery: Google Calendar Hacks

Recommendery: Google Calendar Hacks

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I am a Google kinda gal - and Google calendar is definitely my friend! I would be lost without it, personally and professionally. I was TODAY old when I learned these two time-saving hacks! I hope they help you as well if you are a Google calendar user.

I learned these hacks from an ebook that I downloaded from FastCompany.com, 135 Incredibly Useful Things You Didn't Know Google Could Do.

One of Calendar’s best hotkeys is also one of the easiest ones to overlook: Press “g” from any calendar view to jump directly to any specific date, in any year. Calendar will pop up a box in which you can simply type whatever date you want, using either a standard date format (“4/13/06”) or a text-based description (“April 13, 2006”). 12.

Another shortcut worth remembering: From anywhere on the Calendar site, hit the Esc key to jump back to the main calendar screen in a jiff. And while looking at any calendar view, hit “t” to return to today’s date.

What hacks from this ebook jumped out and made your world better? I would love to know, as it could be the one that helps me too! Post your faves in the comments below.

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