Recommendery – todoist -10/28/15

Recommendery – todoist -10/28/15

Recommendery todoist appHere’s another Recommendery for you…

Life is complicated. Trying to remember what I wanted to grab at the store on the way home can be so annoying, and looking for the note I jotted down this morning – that is even MORE frustrating! I started using this little app todoist and now, all my notes of stuff to do, stuff to remember, are always right at my fingertips. I use it all the time and it has made my life easier… And its is free, too boot!

– Arch Ritchie, NNEP

Hope you enjoy theseRecommendery (recommendations for embroidery folks) posts. They appear randomly as we find or hear about stuff that is share-worthy.

If you have something that you would like to recommend, shoot us an email at and we will check it out. Suggestions that are posted will be cited to the source, and that could be YOU! ;^)

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