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Recommendery - todoist -10/28/15

Recommendery - todoist -10/28/15

Recommendery todoist appHere's another Recommendery for you...

Life is complicated. Trying to remember what I wanted to grab at the store on the way home can be so annoying, and looking for the note I jotted down this morning - that is even MORE frustrating! I started using this little app todoist and now, all my notes of stuff to do, stuff to remember, are always right at my fingertips. I use it all the time and it has made my life easier... And its is free, too boot!

- Arch Ritchie, NNEP

Hope you enjoy these "Recommendery" (recommendations for embroidery folks) posts. They appear randomly as we find or hear about stuff that is share-worthy.

If you have something that you would like to recommend, shoot us an email at Recommendery@nnep.com and we will check it out. Suggestions that are posted will be cited to the source, and that could be YOU! ;^)


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