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Recommendery: Awesome Headphones

Recommendery: Awesome Headphones

I am always listening to something - music, podcasts, webinars, something... But having earbuds in prevents me from easily interacting with the people around me, is certainly not recommended while driving (may even be illegal in your state), and is not comfortable after a while, at least not for me because I have a funky bump inside one of my ears.

My nephew (HI JACK!) is our family's default tech leader. He introduced me to conductive headphones recently, and I am here to say they are a GAME CHANGER!!! 

You wear them around your neck and they tuck over your ear, and resting front of your ear rather than in your ear. You can still wear glasses while wearing the headphones, which is essential in my case! The sounds go through your jawbone as vibrations and into your ear, where it magically converts back into sounds. The people around you cannot hear it. You can still hear the conversations and sounds around you, even while you are listening to what is coming through the headphones, so you not in that isolated bubble that is created when you ear normal headphones.

They come wireless and wired, so they are compatible with nearly any device that has bluetooth or an audio jack.

Check them out online here:

They come in 2 sizes, and a whole bunch of different colors. They even have some with reflective tape, making them great for people that are walking, running or working outside after dark.

Please note: the above link is an Amazon.com link. If you buy these headphones, NNEP may receive a small commission. It does not increase the price you pay!

I try to catch the 2 Regular Guys podcasts either live or on replay. I am hooked on acapella music right now, The Bobs, Pentatonix, Straight No Chaser, and my personal favorite, Throat Culture, a group of musicians we knew while we lived in Columbus many years ago. I  would love to know what podcasts, webinars and music you listen to - post it below!


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