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Recommendery 9/22/15

Recommendery 9/22/15

Recommendery - Hopper AppWelcome to NNEP's Recommendery - a random collection of things that we think are pretty cool...

Watch for "Recommendery" (recommendations for embroidery folks) posts occasionally, they will be added randomly as we find stuff that is share-worthy.

If you have something that you would like to recommend, shoot us an email at Recommendery@nnep.com and we will check it out. Suggestions that are posted will be cited to the source, that could be you! ;^)

I love to travel - I always have. I suspect the travel bug bit me as a youngster, as my folks took us camping and traveling all across the USA throughout much of my childhood.

Nowadays, I travel by air, so my recommendation today is for Hopper, an app that helps me find great travel destinations at the lowest possible prices. Even better, the app lets me know when an even better price for a trip is available! LOVE that!!!

If you are a travel-lover, this app is for you. I just peeked on this app for flights leaving from my two closest airports to see what great deals could be found... I could head to Orlando or Vegas tomorrow for a week, for only $54/person on direct flights! Can't beat that!!!

- Jennifer Cox, President, NNEP


4 Responses

  1. Jerri Dyke says:

    I have been watching Hopper also. It is pretty kewl, the only negative I can see is the limited window you can book into the future. They say they are working on that.
    Thanx Jennifer!

  2. Sharon Marhefka says:

    Thanks Jennifer, I am sure this will help with booking travel to trade shows.

    • Hey Jen
      We very much try to fly Southwest whenever possible. They may not be the cheapest, but factor in the 2 free bags and they are usually the best deal for us. We also use the SW credit card and their rapid rewards program to get points and free flights. We do the same with our Marriott and other hotels, Hilton & IHG have good programs to earn free hotel rooms too. Can't beat free!

      There's a recommendary for you! 🙂

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