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NNEP offers Done FOR You Marketing Solution

NNEP offers Done FOR You Marketing Solution

Have you ever wished that there was more than one of you? Felt like there is just not enough of you to go around, to get everything done? And let's face it - the fact is that if you have to get an order run or do some marketing, you are going to run the machine 99 times out of 100. You know how to do it. It is not abstract. You get the immediate satisfaction of a job well done. You get the order done by the due date.

And you can always get to the marketing tomorrow, right?

It turns out that many embroidery and apparel decoration business owners feel this way. And the day that they finally get around to doing some marketing rarely or just never comes. Yet without marketing, it is hard to keep your business in the front of people's minds so that when they need something with a logo or a name on it, they think of you and your business. And "out of sight, out of mind" is an adage for a reason - it really is true, unfortunately.

Our industry is invisible - people do not think about what we do or where we are or how to find us until they have a need to get a logo, name or monogram on something. By doing marketing, we can increase the chances that they will recall our business as one that they have used or at least heard of at some point.

We've been talking with and working with embroidery and apparel decoration business owners for more than two decades now. We know how important marketing it, and we know how infrequently it is done. It is overwhelming. It is frustrating. It does not often have an immediate result or payoff. There are so many options. It can be expensive. A list of reasons why you are not marketing is pretty easy to rattle off.

So here is what we did about this ongoing issue in our industry - we created a custom solution that can be tailored to fit YOUR BUSINESS, the Joe Logo Marketing System. In a nutshell, we do your marketing for you, to your customer, and it looks like it is coming from you. When your customers reply to any of the messages, the reply goes to you so that you can follow up with that customer and get the order.

The marketing is delivered approximately every 2 - 3 weeks to your customers by email. These emails chat about how your customers can grow their businesses by increasing their brand awareness, or how to know what sizes to order for a group of employees or clients, or how different colors in a logo create different responses in the viewers' mind. These messages do not go on about "buy my stuff." Their goal is to provide an idea that can be implemented or something that they can think about as it relates to building their own businesses.

At the end of each message, there is an invitation to connect with you if they have questions, or if they need to get an order to you, making it super easy for them to call you or email you, or even stop in if you have a retail location.

One embroidery business veteran was so excited to learn about the Joe Logo Marketing System. He said, "I cannot tell you how much money I've wasted on sales training. You've blown my mind with this idea! This is a steal!" - Michael R, Alphabet Lettering in Georgia.

If you would like to learn more about the Joe Logo Marketing System, let me know. Call me at 800 866-7396 or email me at Jennifer@nnep.com. I would love to answer your questions and see if you qualify for this program!

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