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WOW - NNEP's Embroidery Trade Show ROCKED!

WOW - NNEP's Embroidery Trade Show ROCKED!

business successI am always so excited to launch and host one of our NNEP embroidery and apparel decoration trade shows. They are incredibly fun and complex to build and a great time to host. And then after the event, I find the data just as fascinating.

Here is what I have discovered at this year's Embroidery Trade Show:

  • 858 People registered to attend Embroidery Trade Show
    • 442 Different companies registered for Embroidery Trade Show
  • 37 Companies exhibited at Embroidery Trade Show
    • 107 Industry suppliers worked in booths at Embroidery Trade Show
  • 305 Companies responded to the question "How many embroidery heads do you have?"
    • Collectively they had 1327 embroidery heads!
    • 139 of these businesses had 1 embroidery head, 45% of them
    • 54 of the businesses have 6 heads or more, which is 17% of the respondents
  • 344 Companies responded to the question "What are your annual sales?"
    • Collectively, these 344 companies are doing approximately $23,180,000 in annual sales, which averages out to $67,383 per company! YUP, that's $23+ MILLION indeed! HOW COOL is THAT?!?! And that is the total of only about HALF of the people that attended, as about half did not complete this question.
    • 93 Companies were new in business
    • 8 Companies were doing more than a million in annual sales
    • 70 Companies were doing more than $75,000 in annual sales

What do these numbers tell me?  They tell me that this industry of commercial embroidery and apparel decoration is GOING STRONG and that there are lots of healthy businesses out there!

WAY TO GO Embroidery Trade Show Attendees - You are ROCKIN' IT!!!!



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