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Recommendery - Give Back Box

Recommendery - Give Back Box

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If you are like me, you have clothes, shoes and accessories, even jewerly that you no longer need, wear, use or even want - but you cannot bring yourself to throw it away because it is useful, in good shape, this stuff is definitely NOT trash. This stuff piles up somewhere in our lives, in our homes, and in our minds and we keep thinking that we will get around to dropping it off at some donation center... or it lives in the back of our vehicle indefinitely, even though we drive past donation boxes and centers frequently.

Now there is a simple, free solution for this - Give Back Box!

This service provides free shipping labels that you can use with any box (have any Overstock, Wayfair or Amazon boxes on hand???) to mail donations to the nearest Goodwill. They even mail you a tax receipt once your box is received.

This is fantastic - Clutter banished. Boxes recycled. Tax deduction documented.

Give Back Box for the win!!!

Update 5/14/18 - Three big boxes left the NNEP on Friday, heading off to Give Back Box! :^)



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