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What's Your Plan?

What's Your Plan?

I have been learning from and following a young man named Brendon Burchard for almost a year now.  He is passionate about helping business owners achieve their dreams in their businesses.  One of the lessons that has really stuck with me, so much so that it is now a daily thought, is "what is my plan?"

Burchard encourages us to pick 5 words that describe everything I will stand for - and then take no prisoners and live up to those 5 words, every day.  In my mind, this has been boiled down to, "What's my plan."

My 5 words include inspire, excel and energy.  Every time I interact with a member of NNEP, I hope to offer solutions or suggestions that will inspire them to move closer to their goals.  Every time I do something, I strive to excel at it and give it my very best effort.  Every time I cross paths with someone, on the phone, by keyboard and in person, how can I give them a burst of positive energy to help them get through their day in the best way possible.

Now, for some of you, I get it - this will sound totally "hokey" to you.  And so to you, I offer this challenge - let's connect, today.  By phone, keyboard or in person - how can I help you?  I would love to try.  That is what the NNEP is all about - and I invite you to connect.

Who knows, your business just might take off in new ways with a little "more" nudging you along.  For those of you with whom I have already connected, I hope I was able to live up to my expectations.  If I did not, let me know so that I can be more attentive and tuned it the next time.

What are some of your 5 words - that you want to live by, and live up to?  I invite you to share them below.  I will honor you and encourage you - to be our best selves.  After all, we only get one shot at this moment, this day, this life!  I intend to give it my all!

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