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Get PAID to Get Away - Really!

Get PAID to Get Away - Really!

How often do you feel like you can NEVER get away from your business - that your customers will never let it happen  - Guess what? There is a way to make your time away HELP your customers! In fact, they could even learn that they like it when you get away!
HUH?? Yep, really, there is a way to make it happen!  And two lucky people (or couples) are going to get the GOOD LIFE treatment to boot!
Let me explain HOW you can make this happen...

Attend NNEP's Embroidery Mart - using this strategy:

Cut out the advertisement about the Embroidery Mart from one of your industry magazines - it should be in your June and July issues. Make a display poster using the ad. Note the days that you will be closed and add a line about "Can we scout for anything special for you?" Post this prominently in your business. Then make a flier that you insert in all your completed orders using the same concept. You are attending your national professional industry trade show (include a copy of the Mart ad of you want), the dates you will be closed, and an invitation to call you or email you with their upcoming product needs.

Everyone wants to know they are doing business with the best shop in their area. By sharing the fact that you are attending a professional event, you are demonstrating that you are progressive and up to date in your field. Don't hide your commitment to your business and your customers under a cabbage leaf, turn it into an additional benefit of doing business with you!

Embroidery Mart
July 27-28, 2012
Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN

Register now at EmbroideryMart.com  

To make hotel reservations in Nashville, check the Embroidery Mart website for recommendations, as several options are available.

BONUS ALERT - One lucky attendee (or couple) is going to be selected for a CLUB LEVEL upgrade at the Renaissance Hotel for their entire stay!  And another lucky attendee (or couple) is going to get one night of their stay at the Renaissance hotel for free!  You must pregister by July 23rd to be eligible for these great prizes, and be planning to stay at the Renaissance hotel (select that hotel during the registration process).

I look forward to seeing you at Embroidery Mart!
All the best,
Jennifer Cox

PS - Did I mention that Nashville is a fun town? Get ready for a great experience - live music, great dining and so much more!

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