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NNEP Does That?!?

NNEP Does That?!?

NNEP can Help sign

I just received an email from a member of NNEP - she asked if NNEP helps her "source other items besides apparel?"

YES -- You Betcha --YEP -- we sure do!!!

In fact, nearly 30% of the requests for sourcing that we handle are for items that are NOT in your traditional wholesale garment distributor catalogs.  After all, when it is in your favorite catalog, it is easy to find, right? It is the "wonky" stuff that takes time to find!

If you spend more than 5-10 minutes looking for a source for something - as a member of NNEP, you get to STOP WASTING THAT TIME and connect with the NNEP's unlimited sourcing hotline -

CALL us at 800-866-7396 or JOIN ONLINE NOW

We would love to try and find a source for you, getting you back to making money either sewing or selling! The time you save keeps you on track to make your business more profitable.

When you are a member of NNEP, unlimited product sourcing help is a HUGE time saver, making it one of the most valued NNEP member benefits! Put us to work for you and save yourself the time, hassle, frustration of hunting for these resources.

Joining NNEP makes just makes sense, particularly as we enter the "crazy" holiday season - when you have little to NO time to spare hunting for suppliers!

We are here, ready to serve you and your business.

Yep, we are just sitting here, waiting to help you, to take your call, to respond to your email...  Looking forward to hearing from you - SOON, right???? 


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