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What "does it" for you?

What "does it" for you?

leaves tipped in fall colors
As I walked the dog this evening, I enjoyed the change of season. For whatever reason, this annual transition, from summer to fall always brings me a sense of joy, peace, contentment - these words are close - but not quite "it." It is always something I feel at this time of year, and it is always profound to me at a core-deep level. I love it, I cherish it, I stop and fully own it when it happens. And yet, somehow, it (this moment of wonder each and every year) manages to sneak up on me, as it did yet again this year, this evening.

As I stop and really look at the changing leaves, barely dipped in red at this specific moment, I accept and acknowledge that my life is insane - a junior and a senior in high school, it is homecoming week (a unique brand of intensity and insanity apparently), I have huge projects that I am working on for NNEP and on a personal front which require long hours and intense learning, it is OSU football season (a unique brand of intensity and insanity that overtakes my husband annually), and on and on and on...

Yet, in this moment, what stops me in my tracks is the beauty of these leaves, painted every so delicately, with the tidings of their own end. And I realize, this is healthy - so very, very healthy to stop, pause, savor, appreciate - to embrace this moment in my life.

Have you ever had moments like this, something happens that helps "center" you, brings you to a wonderful place, or helps you be the better or even best version of you? You may call it gratitude, prayer, balance or some other term that strikes you as right - whatever works for you!

Whatever it is that "does it" for you, I hope that you get to experience it often enough, and that you too are lucky enough to see and/or feel it when it occurs in your life. I hope that you can pause for that moment to fully live that experience. I believe we would ALL be better versions of ourselves for it.

Thanks for the "memo" Mama Nature, YOU ROCK!


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