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Marketing Ideas for Less Than $100

Marketing Ideas for Less Than $100

Marketing ideas for your embroidery business
If you are still in business, my hat is off to you! You are making it in spite of this pandemic. With just a few months left in 2020, you may be looking for ways to connect with new customers and to remind your existing customers that you are in business and ready to create custom goods for them. They may have personal gifting needs and need for business year-end ideas, such as products and apparel to give to their staff or their customers.

Good news! I can help you with that -

I am presenting a session on October 17 as part of John Deer's event, Discover How to Successfully Start & Run an Embroidery Business, where I will be giving you Marketing Ideas for Less Than $100!

Creating great products is the easy part for most embroidery business owners. Getting the word out to your customers and your community, now that can be difficult! In this session, I will share my best ideas from 25+ years of helping business owners grow their businesses with effective marketing ideas. You’ll discover ways to market your business that you CAN learn, do, afford, and that work!

This new webinar is for you if you’ve ever thought about turning your hobby into something profitable OR you run an embroidery business and want proven tips & techniques that’ll help make you more successful. Register now and take advantage of the Early Bird Discount:



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