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Know More = Sell More!

Know More = Sell More!

I wish I knew which shirts to order?!?

When you know more about your products, it is easier to sell them, and to answer questions from your customers. Here is a tool to help you master the language of the apparel industry, a Garment Glossary. With this Glossary you can use words to draw pictures for your customers. Use the language of the apparel industry to give your customers a reason to make their decision to place their order with you! Customers want to feel as though they are making an informed decision. When you describe their choices, they will feel more informed and therefore more comfortable to make a selection.

Your customer is looking for a long sleeve kelly green golf shirt. You locate several items meeting that description and you schedule a meeting with them to help them determine their selection. You show the style #00000 from company X, style #99999 from company Y and style #88888 from company Z. They are all kelly green long sleeve polos. You tell them the brand and the price point of each and wait for them to make their selection.

Or... you could draw some mental pictures for your customer. As you show them Style 00000 from Company X you mention that this shirt is made of 100% combed cotton which will ensure coolness because it is a pique knit. It has an athletic cut giving it the room needed for their favorite golf swing. It is trimmed with wood tone buttons for a sporty look and it has a three-button placket with a left chest pocket.

As you hold up Style #99999 from Company Y, you tell them that it is 60% ring spun cotton and 40% polyester thereby controlling the shrinkage and wrinkling. It has an under arm gusset giving extra room for reaching and tipped collar and cuffs in contrasting tan.

Then you describe Style 88888 from Company Z indicating that it comes in both men’s and women’s cut. It is made of a jersey knit 100% pima cotton resulting in a smooth soft comfortable finish due to the long fiber cotton. It has twin needle stitching at the hem and pearlized buttons in a four-button placket for a dressier look. The women’s line has a princess line giving it a nice feminine appeal.

As you describe each product for your customer, they will immediately recognize your value as their sales person.

All the information you need is provided to you in the superb catalogs provided by the vendors. It is all there for you. However you need to be comfortable with the terms. You need to understand what they mean and never, never use a term you cannot explain. And do not just read the descriptions right from the catalog pages. Your customers can read! In the above scenario you need to be able to explain pique, combed cotton, athletic cut, placket, ring spun cotton, polyester, gusset, tipped, jersey knit, pima cotton, twin needle stitching and the princess line.

The following Glossary is intended to assist you in painting pictures for your customers. It is not a complete glossary but it highlights those terms commonly used by the embroidery garment suppliers. A note of warning so you don't drive yourself crazy - some of the adjectives used in the catalogs are somewhat altered words pulling together several of the terms below. The following list will give you enough words to wow your customers so you don't need to get tangled up in the latest new adjectives. Also, you will be able to guess most of the new combinations if you are familiar with the glossary.

FYI - This glossary was compiled by NNEP Co-Founder Susan Ritchie, as she was a life-long learner and educator who thoroughly believed in the power of knowledge as an accelerant towards success!


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