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How to Improve Your Password Security

How to Improve Your Password Security

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I talked with a member of NNEP today about a nasty challenge they are facing at the moment - their website password was hacked, and everything in their business (and possibly their lives on a personal level) has been potentially compromised. What a nightmare!!!

In my research on their behalf today, I came across some information that I thought might be of interest to you. This first link is to an article that appeared on the Inc.com website, a source that I use often when it comes to researching business issues:

Tools to Upend the 'Tyranny of the Password' by Martha Irvine

The second article is about how to create passwords that are more secure than what you are probably using right now, and they not more difficult to remember.

How Big is Your Haystack... and How Well Hidden is Your Needle? by Gibson Research Corp.

I am redefining my system for creating and using passwords based on the story I heard today and the information in these articles. Better to be proactive and hopefully safer than wishing I had done so after it is too late!

Added 9/4/14:

How to Create a Super Strong Password (Infographic)  by Kim Lachance Shandrow, Entrepreneur Staff

By now you should know that "123456" is not a smart password. If you’re still using a weak password like that gaping sieve -- and haven’t even changed all your online passwords since news of the wretched Heartbleed SSL vulnerability broke -- you’re hacker bait.

Added 5/10/17:

Password Strength Test Tool by Comparitech

Use this free, safe tool to see how long (or how fast) it would take a computer to hack your password. Be sitting down when you use it, just in case you do not like the result!


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