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Grow your business - Ready?

Grow your business - Ready?

If you're like many embroiderers and apparel decorators who have never attended NNEP's Embroidery Mart, you probably have some perceptions of the event that may differ from what it's really like.

Here are some of the common "misperceptions:"

"You have to be an experienced embroidery professional/business owner to get anything out of Embroidery Mart."
Answer: False! Embroidery Mart is valuable for embroiderers and apparel decorators at any level. There are sessions geared for both new and experienced professionals. There are marketing strategy sessions that deliver actionable content for all business owners. See for yourself - check out the schedule of free classes.

"I wish I could attend your Embroidery Mart, but being in Queensland Aust, I am a bit far away.   However, I wanted to agree with the comments you made in today’s email.  The only industry exhibition that I have been able to attend in Australia was in the months before I bought my embroidery business.  I learnt so much from the experts at that meeting, and I still use the techniques they taught me.   I wish they would run another one as I would gain even more benefit now that I know some things.  When I went to that first event I had no idea how much I needed to learn.   I wish you all the best."   - Meg Roberts, Meg's Monogram

You can't get any one on one time with the suppliers to work on specific challenges.
Answer: False! The exhibitors and presenters are there to help you build your business. They want you to know all about their products and services and love it when you ask questions.

"Speaking as someone who works for a vendor who will be at the show, I can tell you that the support of the NNEP and NNEP members makes a big difference to us and it's why we do these shows. Knowing that people are excited to see EnMart will be at the show makes it much more worth going for us."   - Kristine Shreve, EnMart

"I'm too busy to attend Embroidery Mart."
Answer: False! If you are too busy working in your business, then you need to spend time working on your business. The ideas, strategies and training you get at Embroidery Mart will allow you to run your business more effectively and more profitably.
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"I like that! Work ON your business!"  - Anna Johnson, Super Embroidery

Attend NNEP's Embroidery Mart this Friday and Saturday, July 27-28, 2012 in Nashville, TN.  Register at the door to attend.  Visit the website EmbroideryMart.com for all the show details, including hours, free classes and location.

See you at the Nashville Convention Center,
Jennifer Cox

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  1. Ayari says:

    Good idea. As for sizing loose nedeles, most quality nedeles have the size engraved on the upper shaft, however, if you are like me, you will need a strong magnifying glass to read it. I guess you would have to test the point to find out if they are sharps or ball point.Back to the sticker idea, we have a brand here that colour codes the holders but the size and type are on the packaging so once removed, I will try the stickers on the holders, which will make thing much simpler.Thanks

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