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Need a New Dance Partner?

Need a New Dance Partner?


Do you need customers?This has been a very interesting year for many business owners in the embroidery and apparel decoration industries.

We've heard from business owners saying that by June 1 of this year, they've topped their total sales from ALL of 2012. We've also heard from business owners saying by June 1, they've done NOWHERE near what they did by this time in 2012.

Surprisingly, it does not seem to be determined by geography all that much. Some of the businesses that are doing really well are in some of the most economically depressed regions of the US, including Michigan, which still has unbearably high unemployment rates. Some of the businesses that are struggling are in regions that are experiencing growth in general, such as Texas.

Are you going BIG in your efforts to connect with your existing customers and in your efforts to attract new customers?

If you are doing the same things that you have been doing - WHY?

If you do not like the results, it is time to do something differently.

Here at the National Network of Embroidery Professionals (NNEP), we help members brainstorm ways to do things differently that are within your budget, within your time frame, within your abilities. There are many, many ways to make your business attractive to your customers and community.

Join NNEP today and schedule your brainstorming session!

Join NNEP now at NNEP.com/join

These business building brainstorming sessions are included in your NNEP membership. I love learning about your business and looking for ways to help your message GO BIG within your community and customer base. Give me a call at 800-866-7396. Let's get you on the schedule.
Join NNEP now at NNEP.com/join

What do you have to lose? Particularly if you are not getting the business you need right now!
Let's get your message a "new pair of shoes" and send it out dancing.  You just might find some awesome new dance partners! 


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  1. Randy Nelson says:

    When you've forged solid relationships with your current clients, don't hesitate to ask for referrals. "I always asked for a referral every time I delivered a job to someone," says Jagger, who instituted a formal referral program. "I gave my clients business cards for them to give out. When they gave one out, I asked them to put their name on it. When their referral came to me with an order, I knew who had referred them." Then, Jagger called her referring client, and to thank them for their referral, offered a percentage or dollar amount off their next order. "You have to reward people for their referrals," she says.

  2. Jennifer, I am slammed with business. Actually taking off July to ride my motorcycle across the US with a bunch of other ladies. I will be making my last stop in Nashville at your event {Embroidery Mart] before I head home. I am running 14-16 hour days!!!!

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