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Choose the Right Packaging Size and Save $!

Choose the Right Packaging Size and Save $!

NNEP Members ave $ with Partnership

Whether you’re shipping one package a day or hundreds, finding the right fit for your packaging can reduce costs and offer more protection for your products. Companies ― maybe even your own ― often use boxes that aren’t the right fit for the items being shipped. And to keep the item in place, they use a whole lot of paper or other material to fill in the extra space. While this may be necessary to protect fragile items, nonessential additional packaging can cause cost you big.

Get hints and tips from the shipping experts FedEx here: Optimize your packaging

Save on your shipments by using the right packaging and enrolling in the NNEP Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip. NNEP members receive exclusive discounts on select FedEx® services. Visit PartnerShip.com/29nnep or call 800-599-2902 to enroll today.


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