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NNEP Wonders - Are You Relying On BAD Profits?

We are pleased to offer you insights from business expert Steve Wilkinghoff, author of the bestselling book, Found Money – Simple Strategies to Uncover the Hidden Profit and Cash Flow in Your Business.  And we are excited because we have convinced him to present a webinar for NNEP members on January 8, 2013! Get a feel…
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CorelDRAW Training for NNEP Members

If you struggle with CorelDRAW, you might like to know about this training coming in January, 2013! Here is the info we have on it: Beginning 7 January 2013 Prolink Graphic Services will be giving On-Line CorelDRAW classes on a weekly basis! On average, classes will be an hour in length. This will include a…
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CorelDRAW Training

If you are mystified by CorelDRAW, help is available! There are a number of folks offering training on this software, using books, CDs, DVDs, and now weekly sessions online.  Check out this one NNEP just heard about, by Dave Demoret of Prolink Graphic Services: Beginning 7 January 2013 Prolink Graphic Services will be giving On-Line…
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Enter Golden Shirt Awards

NNEP just received this press release from TV TecStyle Visions, a wonderful apparel decoration industry trade show in Europe about their upcoming contest, the Golden Shirt Awards, to be held in 2014. 2014, you says?  YES - many of the participants spend the next 18-+ months creating their entries!  The competition is that intense, and…
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Why go to a show?

Attending a trade show - how important is it?  It is expensive - gas or airfare, hotel, meals - it adds up so quickly.  Plus the lost revenue - what you would be earning if you were at home, working in your business - how much does that set you back? Well, I think the…
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190 Pounds Lighter

Well, actually it would probably be more accurate to say 190 pounds heavier - as that is how much new clothing was collected at the Embroidery Network Foundation's annual DoDuds Apparel Drive in Nashville this year. Thanks to everyone that participated and donated new apparel and products or funds to this ongoing project to support…
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Embroidery Mart Successful!

Well, it is hard to believe that another Embroidery Mart is nothing but a memory.  They are so much fun to build - it is a living 3D puzzle to bring the trade show floor to life each year.  And then the classes - who is teaching what, so that the attendees can grow their…
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Grow your business - Ready?

If you're like many embroiderers and apparel decorators who have never attended NNEP's Embroidery Mart, you probably have some perceptions of the event that may differ from what it's really like. Here are some of the common "misperceptions:" "You have to be an experienced embroidery professional/business owner to get anything out of Embroidery Mart." Answer:…
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NNEP's Embroidery Mart is almost here!

Embroidery Mart, the NNEP's largest tradeshow, is almost here! Attend Embroidery Mart July 27-28, 2012 at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, TN.  At the Embroidery Mart, you will find embroidery equipment, digital garment printers, heat presses, screen print equipment, laser engravers, rhinestones, rhinestone equipment and supplies, rhinestone transfers, backings, threads, hoops, hooping devices, and…
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Get PAID to Get Away - Really!

How often do you feel like you can NEVER get away from your business - that your customers will never let it happen  - Guess what? There is a way to make your time away HELP your customers! In fact, they could even learn that they like it when you get away! HUH?? Yep, really,…
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