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Have you called your business lately?

Have you called your business lately?

As we head into the last quarter of 2022, we often do not spend any time on our business, as we are so busy filling orders. I encourage you to do at least one thing, and it will not take that long.

Call your business - really! Pick up a phone and call your business number. Call after hours, when no one will answer. Is the message you hear still valid, appropriate and accurate? Does it need to be updated or tweaked?

In addition, if your phone system forwards your business calls to your cell phone, repeat this exercise. What does your cell phone message say, and is it on point, or does it need to be updated?

Over the next several months, this phone message is likely to be one of the first impressions your company makes on a new potential customer. Make sure your message is up to date and presents you and your business in the best light.

Oh yeah, one more little bit of advice about phones - when you are leaving a voice mail - SLOW DOWN as you say your phone number! Unless they have a pen and paper at the ready, they are not going to catch it. And even then, if you say it too quickly, they will not get it correct!

Now, get back to that order - it is not going to finish itself, right?

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