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Bowling for Dollars, NNEP-style

Bowling for Dollars, NNEP-style

Bowling Challenge - kompany vs FM4We get the coolest calls here at NNEP!  I just got off the phone with a guy named Steve. Steve runs a gigantic event for bowlers each year out West. And guess what? He needs an embroidery professional to come set up in a 10' x 15' space to sell embroidered goods to his 17,000+ bowlers!  Hmmmm.... I think we might be able to hook him up!

One of the things I love best about how we serve NNEP members is bringing these sorts of opportunities to NNEP members.  We never know what they will be, when they will be or where they will be, much less the potential income to be earned.  It is sort of like "found money," in that until we fielded this call and shared the opportunity to NNEP members, it was not on anyone's radar as a source of income.  Pretty cool, huh?

We will be emailing the details of this opportunity to NNEP members in the morning, when we get it from Steve.

If you would like to get in on these sort of opportunities, join NNEP!  What are you waiting for, a bowling ball to land on your head???


1/22/14 Update - We just emailed the dates, location and other details along with Steve's contact information to NNEP members.

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