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EnMart Member Code Active Again

EnMart Member Code Active Again

EnMart_logo 2EnMart, a NNEP Preferred Vendor, has extended the 2013 code for NNEP members to place orders online at the NNEP member rates.  EnMart is in the process of updating their system and we will update you when they have launched the new way to access the NNEP member pricing.

EnMart offers a full line of supplies for anyone that is starting an embroidery business or already is in business - check them out!

NNEP Members: Check your NNEP Manual in Section 2 for the current access code, or visit the NNEP Members Only page to download a current Section 2.  Log in on the right.  If you cannot log in, please email me at Jennifer@nnep.com!

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