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Another DoDuds Shipment - 203 Pounds!

Another DoDuds Shipment - 203 Pounds!

Four facilities that support women and children in crisis or in need are about to receive 203 POUNDS of new clothing through the Embroidery Network Foundation's DoDuds Apparel Drive program. The boxes are going to facilities in Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas and New York this time. The majority of the donations in this shipment came from members of NNEP. The goods were shipped to NNEP, where they are sorted and packed by matching the needs and the climate of the over 50 facilities we know about with the products donated.

If you know of a program or facility that would be interested in receiving free boxes of new (possibly decorated) apparel, please leave a comment below and we will follow up with you for the details!

The DoDuds Apparel Drive accepts NEW clothing in all sizes, from infants through adults. They can be blank, decorated, misprints, discontinued items, samples that are no longer needed, basically any of the new but not sellable products you have accumulating in your business most likely! This DoDuds program receives these items, sorts them and then ships them to appropriate facilities all across the United States!

If you own an apparel decoration business, I bet you have some stuff that you cannot bring yourself to toss out, but no longer need, want or use. Gather these items and send them to DoDuds, 4693 Kent Rd, Kent, OH 44240. Or bring them to any of the National Network of Embroidery Professional's Embroidery Mart trade shows and drop them off in the NNEP booth.

Imagine the difference we can make if every business donated just one or two items a year! For more information about this program, visit the Embroidery Network Foundation web page.


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