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Another DoDuds Shipment - 203 Pounds!

Four facilities that support women and children in crisis or in need are about to receive 203 POUNDS of new clothing through the Embroidery Network Foundation's DoDuds Apparel Drive program. The boxes are going to facilities in Ohio, Mississippi, Arkansas and New York this time. The majority of the donations in this shipment came from members…
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DoDuds Ships 237 Pounds of Apparel

Here is the next DoDuds shipment, which is going out to 5 different women's shelters and domestic violence centers in 5 different states. 237 POUNDS of new clothing, bags and products to support the women and children that use these facilities for safe haven. Thanks so much to everyone that donated to this most recent apparel drive!…
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270+ Pounds of DoDuds Shipped!

Way to GO Embroidery Mart Attendees!!! More than 270 pounds of new apparel items were donated during the Embroidery Network Foundation's DoDuds Apparel Drive during the NNEP's Embroidery Mart trade show in Nashville, TN on August 5-6, 2016! All of this new apparel was shipped to women's shelters, to help these facilities serve the women in…
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509 Pounds of DoDuds Donations, ready for pickup

Once again, the generosity of the business owners in this industry astounds me. Here is another mountain of boxes, sorted, packed and ready to be picked up on Monday by UPS. These boxes are filled with all kinds of NEW apparel which was donated to the DoDuds Apparel Drive, the main program of the NNEP's…
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190 Pounds Lighter

Well, actually it would probably be more accurate to say 190 pounds heavier - as that is how much new clothing was collected at the Embroidery Network Foundation's annual DoDuds Apparel Drive in Nashville this year. Thanks to everyone that participated and donated new apparel and products or funds to this ongoing project to support…
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